Rebecca Coltorti is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Mixed Media Artist, based in Italy. The 21 year old, with a combination of art and graphic backgrounds, has found the perfect world to express her creativity in the fashion business. Her passion for traditional techniques (collage, drawing, painting) mixed with the digital ones, leads her work to something always unique, bold and eye-catching. Her TBP book features Schön!, Nylon España, Fucking Young, Idol among others.


Sisley Shop Window / Shop Window

A Glitched Conversation for Fucking Young Magazine / Editorial

Collage / Personal

Collage / Personal

Schon Magazine  / Illustrations

By Johnny

Bang My Head for Nakid Magazine / Editorial

Moschino / Personal

Stylist Magazine / Editorial

Collage / Personal

London Cocktail Week Illustration / Article

Daniel Nutter for Adon Magazine / Editorial

Intangible for Idol Magazine / Editorial

Cara & Kate / Personal

Collage / Personal

Collage / Personal

Book Rebecca Coltorti