the beginning

Every year we aim to restart, recreate & renew ourselves. It's a good way to look at the past, to keep reinventing and to apply the law of "continuous improvements". Times are changing and technology is influencing the globe. We are following every move by reading, watching and overall educating ourselves, applying that knowledge in our day to day work. We are not looking to stop discovering, finding new ways to make changes, expand, grow and multiply all the things & lift the spirit of the people. For us its always the beginning!

the birth

We thank everyone for supporting us at Things By People, a company that started a couple of years ago with no cash in hand but alot of love for what we do. This journey wouldn't have been possible without our friends in the industry and our ambition to make this industry beautiful.  "Dubai to be the next capital of Fashion" easier said than done. It requires a lot of efforts, the right people, discipline, resources and the most important word "desire". Desire is what we live for. We want the best, to do the best, be the best and we expect everyone else in the industry to do so.  We are a company that is run by artists and not by businessmen, therefore we care about quality and not quantity, we strive for better things and want you to take a note of it. 


Learn from the Best

Get to learn from professionals in various workshops organised by TBP. Get in depth knowledge from some of the best photographers, as they share their knowledge and industry secrets with you. New workshops announced regularly. And soon, workshops On Demand.


A New Production Vision

Twenty18 is a concept production house, which dabbles in both commercial and art projects. With a team of producers and directors in different regions, Twenty18 is able to consult on and produce projects of all sizes. We are modern and innovative with our approach, and with our experienced team of producers and directors, we deliver only top quality. Very soon we will have a list of young and experienced film directors ranging in all areas.


Connect with TBP artists wherever you are

Get live feed from TBP artists & their current “location” status. TBP Live helps clients and artists connect in different cities in order to work together on project commissions, test shoots or just for catchup. TBP Live is updated by artists to give you on the go update.

PUBLICATION is one of the two beauty & fashion platforms created by the founders of TBP. BB will regularly publish editorial content highlighting casting as the DNA of the story, followed by bi-annually print issues.





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